How to Install Twitcher: Manage Twitch Account for WordPress

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Twitcher is the fastest way to Integrate your Twitch channel into your WordPress. If you are ready to promote your streamings, sells products for your subscribers and followers, or offer extra content for your audience, take advantage of the power of twitcher. 

If you are ready to install, follow the next steps:

Install Twitcher Manage Twitch account on your WordPress site

Download Twitcher

You can download Twitcher direct from  WordPress Plugins Repository (Link), or go to WordPress Dashboard, click on “Plugin” and “Add New” and look for keywords “Manage Twitch”. Press Install and activate.

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Twitch needs Secure SSL Connection enable on your site for secure usage of Twitch API. That means that you first needs to use an https:// king address before to connect  your Twitch Account. If your site If your site haven’t a secure SSL Connection you will see an alert on top of admin page. Please correct it before continuing. For more information, go to “Embedding Twitch” on Twitch Official Documentation 

Click to open

Run Easy Setup

After install, a message will apear on top of screen. Press “Setup” to begin your Twitch Account Setup process

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The Easy setup page will appear. This Page has the steps needed to connect Twitch with WordPress. Follow the Steps on your Dashboard. Copy your oAuth Redirection URL Field showed on Step 3.

Twitcher Easy Setup Install Page
Click to open

Create Twitch App on Twitcher console

Go to Apps Section on your Twitch Console and create a New App or go direct to Twitch Developers Console App Creation (Click here) (Twitch credentials required). Set the name of your app (for example: “twitcher”).
Paste the oAuth Redirect URL from Easy Setup page.
Set Category in “Others”, resolve the Captcha and press “Create”. You will be redirected to Developer Application List. Press “Manage” In your new Application.

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Copy your Client ID and paste on Easy setup Page at Step 5. Go back to Twitch and press “New Secret”. Copy and paste the secret code back on step 5 on your site.

Copy your Client ID and Secret

Give access to your Twitch App

Let twitcher connect your WordPress your Twitch  Account.

Let WordPress connect witch your Twitch Account

Once your Twitch account is connected successfully, your Twitch Account data will appear on “Twitcher Data”. Now your ready to import Twitch streamings and videos to WordPress.

Twitcher Dashboard

¿What's next?

Now your ready to promote and manage your streamings on your WordPress site. Now we recommend you to import your Twitch past streamings and videos to WordPress and Schedule your future streamings on Twitch Calendar direct from your WordPress Dashboard.

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Twitcher will be launched on november.

But you can participate as beta tester. Let us your mail and help us to create the best Wordpress Plugin for streamers ever.