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Once you have installed Twitcher: Manage Twitch account Easy api integration and connected with your Twitch account, it’s time to import and publish your streamings and boost your streaming passion.

Import Twitch Streamings to WordPress:

Twitcher imports all your past Twitch streamings to WordPress as posts. Follow the next steps to get all your streamings in a single post page.

Go to “All streamings” and press the “Import Twitch Streaming” button.

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The “Importing Twitch Videos to Streaming Post Tool” will open, and list all the avaiable videos on your Twitch Account. Select the videos that you want to show in your post. The “Already saved” column show desired videos are already saved as post on database. Select and press import to re import the video as different post.

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Press Edit on Streaming Post List and edit it to add custom content. Importing Streaming tool creates automatic post name. You can change it for SEO purposes. In content, you will seen the Twitch video Content Embed Shortcode. This shortcode includes the Twitch Video ID. Edit Content to add your custom content.

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Asign the Twitch Category to your Video. This tool search in Twitch category database and attach Twitch metadata to your post.

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Import Twitch Video (VOD) or Past Streaming to Post

Twitcher allows to manually embed Twitch (VOD) or Twitch Streaming into streaming post on WordPress. To select any video follow the next page, after creating or importing a video on Edit Page in Twitcher Streaming Post Type.

Go to edit Page and press “Asign Twitch Streaming” button beside streaming post name and press asign button. “Asign video to post” tool will open.

Asign Twitch Straming to Post
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Find in your Twitch account video list the video that you want to assign to this specific Streaming post and press press “Assign”

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Press the copy button at the shortcode popup and paste it inside the post content.

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Now your streaming is on your own WordPress Website
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Twitcher will be launched on november.

But you can participate as beta tester. Let us your mail and help us to create the best Wordpress Plugin for streamers ever.